Etsy: Tubigan Watercolors Sale!

I've opened an Etsy Shop for my watercolor digital printables about two months ago. If you like to use clip art, print your own stuff, or find it a hassle to digitize watercolor stuff, you check it out: Tubigan Watercolors.  In case you're wondering, "Tubigan" means to add water in Filipino. I'm not really good … Continue reading Etsy: Tubigan Watercolors Sale!


Tokyu Hands Art Haul 

Tokyu Hands seems to have a store in the major areas of Japan. We visited the one in Shibuya and the store was unexpectedly HUGE! I only planned to buy waterbrushes but the five floors of special interests were just too interesting to ignore. There's a whole floor for paper products, stationary, journals and pens. … Continue reading Tokyu Hands Art Haul