My favorite mochi! 

I am currently home sick for Japan. While waiting for the next Japan trip and reminiscing,  I randomly decided to start this blog featuring travel tips. 

For my first post let me introduce you to my favorite mochi! 

This was an unexpected find in a random shop during my first trip in Japan. I was expecting normal red bean filling or some kind of cream but was amazingly surprised (you guys I almost cried! Lol) to bite into actual sweet strawberry. 

On our next trip I kept my eye out for it but we encountered no mochi shops in the streets. We were going to buy water from a supermarket right next to Kamakura station, when my husband pointed to a display. Ichigo! Apparently these things are also sold in supermarkets. 😂

The next time you’re in Japan and you’re in a supermarket and you see these on a display case  try them, they’re amazing. I don’t even normally like strawberries but look at me. 

I don’t know what that creamy thing with strawberry is but that white stuff is better than the red bean cream we found in a generic variant in another supermarket. Shops with display cases full of mochi know their stuff. 

Also found in supermarkets my second favorite mochi, ice cream mochi! 

The mochi was so soft against the ice cream. Remembering these make me want to go back even more. Hopefully? You now feel the same way 😛 

Next posts will be about actual tips, I promise. For now welcome to the blog! Until next week! 


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