Looking for Kaonashi

No Face or Kaonashi is my favorite Ghibli character. He’s just the right amount of cute, creepy and innocent. Plus if you research a bit on the internet his ‘backstory’ and people’s interpretation of him is quite interesting.

Aside from Danbo I was expecting to find Kaonashi collectibles in Japan.  I was disappointed. We visited two stores dedicated to Ghibli (not even counting the Ghibli corner in Kotobukiya) stuff, one of those was inside the Ghibli museum, when we went to Tokyo but there just weren’t enough Kaonashi! All I was able to bring home was a pin 😦



Undoubtedly, Totoro and Kiki’s cat Jiji are the most popular Ghibli characters in Japan. And surprisingly, he’s was more popular in Seoul. So, for other No Face fans like me, better just buy your Kaonashi fix when you’re in Seoul. I’m not the only fan, am I? (~ _ ~)

Meanwhile, here’s a painting of Kaonashi in hungry mode:

No Face / Kaonashi Watercolor by @akosibamba


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