Holbein Watercolor Delivery from Deovir

I picked up Holbein watercolors from my trip to Tokyu Hands. I didn't expect to like them so much, they actually almost replaced Daniel Smith in my heart. Before you walk away, please understand that I am not rich and I digitize my work and by work I mean this is really more of a … Continue reading Holbein Watercolor Delivery from Deovir


“Chill” doodle time: Tangerine

I was feeling a little down over the weekend. I wanted to paint. Painting usually helps my moods. I started with a girl's back. Wasn't in the mood to do a face or anything detailed so I thought a back would be more chill. Ended up whole body though, which I don't really do, so … Continue reading “Chill” doodle time: Tangerine